Wednesday, 1 March 2017

1st Post

Hi, I'm Annabelle.

This is my first blog. I'm talking about my goats. Goats are funny and cute. I like to snuggle and play with the baby goats. I really love goats, this blog talks a bit about how to care for them and what I see. I've only had goats for about a year and a half. I have Boer goats, they are a type of meat goat. There are other types of goats too like: dairy, pygmy, etc.

To care for goats you have to feed them and give them water. Goats eat and drink a lot, so you have to give them lots of food and water. I have a big bucket for water and a plastic pitcher to measure the feed. I have to wake up early to feed my goats and I also have to feed them at night. Every once and a while you have to trim their hooves. It's hard work catching and pinning them down to do it. Goats pens have to be cleaned out about once every season. The pen has to be cleared out and lined with new straw. My dad cleans it out with a tractor, so we have to take the goats out of the pen. Goats should be ear tagged when they are little so you can keep track of them. You should check every day to make sure they are okay and healthy.

When your goat is going to have babies it will be very fat and the udder will drop suddenly. I've so far had 2 goats have babies, they had perfectly healthy babies.

Goats are sometimes hard to care for, but they are lots of fun and can cheer you up when you feel down! Baby goats are so cute and cuddly you want to go out to the barn all the time! My dog thinks he's a goat because they look a lot a like, but goats have horns and dogs don't and their body works differently. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my goats!